E-Energy Market

Where supply and demand for sustainable products meet!


As middleman we match supply and demand for UCO, wood pellets, wood chips, off-spec food and feed, crops bi-products and agricultural other residues for power generation and feedstock to produce biogas, biodiesel or products such as paper.

Salvage Sale

Valuable products get damaged during transport or do not meet the specification after production.
We value sustainability and contribute to a world by finding alternative usage or purposes for products that do not meet the original specification anymore.

Do not waste it; let E-EnergyMarket will find an alternative usage for it!

Recyclable and re-usable product. Don't waste it!

E-Energy Market has wide network on the supply and demand side in:

  • agriculture
  • wood processing ISCC E-Energy Market BV
  • biogas
  • solid biofuels
  • liquid biofuels
  • energy generation
  • pulp and paper

We trade and brokerage and use partnerships that make our network even wider.