E-Energy Market

E-Energy Market is middleman, commissionaire and trader. The relations of E-Energy Market with partners, suppliers and customers can only flourish by doing business with a long-term perspective. Our relationships are based on mutual benefits, reliability, open communication and transparency; which builds up mutual trust and leads to long lasting cooperation’s. We invite you to contact us if this fits your way of working.

In 2006 E-Energy Market brought supply and demand for biofuels together on the auction site E-EnergyMarket.com. The site was the first of its kind in the industry and was successful in attracting visitors and registrations, but had no success as a marketplace. It evolved into a portal with additional services.

A spin-off was the buid-up of a broad network in the agricultural-, oleochemical- and (bio) energy- and fuel industries. It was the start of traditional trading in regular- and products not meeting the original specifications. Products include Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, Used Cooking Oil, Glycerin, Soapstock, Corn, contaminated fuels and chemicals like methanol. Most of the time the products can still be used for technical purposes and sometimes as feed. Anyhow we try to find the fair value for the supplier as well as the buyer.